Howdy!   From W5TAZ....

   My name is Dave Lugo, W5TAZ, some times known as "TAZ". I live in Redfork Oklahoma. A Small  community swallowed up by Tulsa, located in Tulsa County.

  I  generally  run  on the 2 meter  band  late  nights, SSB as well as FM simplex and repeaters.  I can be found down on 40 meters and 80 meters in the CW or Morse code sections and even on the phone portions of the bands at times. And lets not forget to mention I do a little 10 and 15 meter from time to time.

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The Epiphany             

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  I became a ham in August of 1998. I enjoy all different modes of communications including FM,  SSB,  CW, various digital modes and even 2 meter Packet from time to time when I can find someone to play with. My classification is General Class and I can be heard any where between 70 centimeters and 160 meters working all modes.


Thanks for dropping by and 73 from EM-16xc